Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Queen Anne Lace Scarf

This was the first version of this scarf I saw at Frualbertssons Blog.
BTW have a look around her blog.  She works some exquisite crochet.
She has since worked it a few times, but that first time it played with my head.
So pretty, feminine, lacy.
But I'm sure way too hard for me to do!!
Look at the work involved.
But it would not leave my head and I started to see a few other versions.
So I went looking on Ravelry.
After much difficulty (for some reason it does not come up on the search) and lots of linking I found it!!!!  Here is the link

But I must hold out!!!
I must work on the blanket!!!
Not another WIP!!!
Aren't I a Good Girl!!!

So on Monday I printed the pattern
I went stash-diving and came up with something I have been wanting to use for a while
So I lined it all up
And left it there
And worked on the blanket

So then on Tuesday morning
what did I see
This over on Flickr
Bethel had worked her own version of the pattern
And a very pretty version too!!!!
Oh my Bethel ☺

So what's a girl to do????
(Ok no comments about not being a girl any more ☺ )

Of course I did what had to be done
So I picked up the pattern and the yarn and the hook yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon
and started this

and by early Tuesday night
It was Done!!!!!

Oh my
What was I worried about
Love the pattern
Love the yarn
Love the scarf

This works for me
I don't have a real need for a scarf
But a fashion statement
To show-off my work
Oh this works beautifully
And BTW the scarf is unblocked as I loved the frilly-ness of it that way and did not want to lose that

I will definitely be re-working this lovely pattern

Ok details
Pattern - tick, link above
Yarn is from The Yarn Cafe
Evoke Australian WoolOrganics Merino Wool 8ply/DK - 208m/100g
Colourway - Violet
Hook - 5mm
Full Length - 194cm/76.5in


  1. Nice! I've dabbled with this pattern in the past, but never actually finished one. Yours looks gorgeous! :-)

  2. You and I must think a like. This is on my list for sure. It turned out lovely, my friend.

  3. Scarves are everywhere, this one is looking so good Maria, Love the colours!
    Hugs suex

  4. This is very pretty Maria - it is similar to the one Elizabeth Cat made? Looks quite complicated and I love the varigated yarn you have used. Now I want to see you wearing this beautiful scarf - even in the heat hehe!!!