Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hi everyone

Got a tip-off from Foxs Lane the other day for a recipe
Which she found here
Knew I had to try it
Two of my favourites
Apples & Cake!!!!!!!!

Have to say it was yummo!!!!!
I halved the recipe as it seemed quite large
And there is only hubby and I to eat it
I did as the reviewers suggested and cooked it at 160C for an hour
Well sometimes I do share with daughters and their partners ☺

A quick photo before the last spoonfuls are gone
(broken up a bit with the apples)

And I was good

Please note
NO Ice-cream or cream
But oh they would definitely have gone down well with this while it was still warm

Such a simple, quick recipe
Definitely on my must do again, and again, and again


  1. Do the reviewers really say that?
    I wish I'd read that.
    I struggled with the temp for the first three times I made it.
    Oh well, now I know.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Have a happy weekend.

  2. yummo, wish i had some right now with my coffee

  3. I love apple cake and it usually freezes well for another time (if there's any left that is). Looks really goooood!

  4. Looks delicious Maria!
    I'm pleased you both enjoyed it!
    Good weekend I hope?
    Love Suex