Friday, 20 August 2010

Souths Blanket rework

Hi everyone

Those who have been around for a while

You may remember this

Did not quite fit D2's requirements (it was a surprise remember)
So I got it back off her last night
Started to undo the border
My poor arms were aching after the three rounds of colour
I then remembered something I had bought, but had not yet used
Wondered if it would work with wool I was undoing
Gave it a whirl

and before you know it
a job that could have been difficult and sad (the undoing part)
became such fun I had to remember to stop

Why did I not know about yarn winders before
Not that I did a lot of unpicking

So now the Souths Blanket looks like this

Will keep you updated


  1. What a shame you have to unpick it , I thought it was lovely. Does she want it bigger?

  2. Yipee... winder in the go girl. My favorite toy ever. So much cheaper than the physical therapy I had to have on my shoulder. You blanket looks great. Love the deep colors.

    Still cleaning up 14000 pictures.. yuck... but nice to have a clean house on the new pc.

  3. Wow, that winder looks awesome fun! Are they expensive?

  4. oh wow, my Grandma had one of those winders, wow, didn't know they were still around. Look forward to checking out the 'new' rug when done.

  5. That winder sure did come in handy. It might be worth getting one, since I am always pulling things out to redo.