Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Garden Bell - Circle of Friends

For no reason except that I love it and thought others who read my blog may too

Pop over to The Garden Bell and check out her new blanket "Circle of Friends"

I love the colours, the pattern, the whole kit and kaboodle

It just seems to be singing to me and making me smile

Thanks Kate, I needed that today on a rainy, overcast, but perfect to crochet day


  1. Thanks for the link... I'll pop on over and check out what's making you smile on this gloomy day..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  2. Yes, I saw it too. Great pattern, hey? Did you see Ms Kimbles is trying it out, too, with single-colour circles?
    Lovely stuff!

  3. Hi Maria,Can you help me out?
    I went on Flickr to look at Kate's blanket and pick one and name it as mine but I'm new ti Flickr and couldn't work out how to do it!!!
    Instructions please !

  4. Its brilliant isn'it! Love, love love it x

  5. Oh yes we must get Helen on to Flickr! Musn't we Ladies? She doesnt know what she is missing!
    Kates Blanket is absolutely gorgeous.
    I just cant get over how lovely it is.
    Shes certainly been working very hard.
    Thanks Maria for this great post for Kate.
    Hugs Suex

  6. Hi Maria: I agree that Circle blanket is too beautiful to miss. Have a great one!

  7. thats lovely - what a lot of work in such a pretty blanket - the colours are so effective.

    P.S.ditto on history - I learnt all about Bounty Schemes, Concentration Camps for Germans in Australia and patterns of settlement - never heard of any of that in school

  8. I've just come back from seeing it. Stunning.

  9. Thank you Maria for popping over to my blog. I got a serious bout of Blog Hopping Disease when I read your latest post about that super blanket!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  10. You are so sweet to linkie up to the C of F. Wow. what a day I've had, my world is spinning with new visitors in the garden. Still trying to catch up. Hot and Humid again today. The mosquitos are the size of birds, like in a Hitchcock movie swarming around from all the week. Always a treat to see what you are up too and it doesn't go unnotice who stops by my garden pretty often and I always enjoy your funny, sweet, charming and clever comments.

    Off to figure out dinner, So far we are having grapes in a bowl, that's about as much fixing as I want to do tonight....he-he...