Friday, 21 May 2010

Jamberoe Vest

Well you know how I have been telling you for weeks and weeks and weeks (about 6 or 7 actually) that I had a big project to show - but I didn't show you??????? First off it was too warm to wear it and then I could not get photos, so then I gave up - not great photos, but at least you can see it

Well here it is .........

Jamberoe Vest Back On, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.

Now for the front .......

Looks better on the hanger  ☺

Now for the details -

Dawn also has a blog in which there are many beautiful crocheted items.  So pop on over here, Fiddlesticks,  for a read, that's if you have not already been there ☺

I only loosely followed the pattern as I am too short and too wide for the dimensions, but the instructions are worked based on your own measurements.  It was mainly the length that I found tricky and adjustments were made.  It is basically granny squares and triangles.  I would have liked it a bit more on the front or .......
I can always lose some tummy  ☺  ☺  ☺

Yarn - Colinette Cadenza Jamboree and Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in Ruby - both of which are 8 ply very, very, very, very soft yarn.
Hook - 5mm (that's just my preference for the slightly thicker than normal, soft 8 plys)

I am very happy with the vest.  I usually don't like too much on my arms and this was an idea I was working on while The Garden Bell was working on her VO cardigan.  Similiar ideas, heh!!!

Have a great weekend
I am going to see Cats tomorrow with D3!!!


  1. Excellent! It looks like it's made out of granny squares, is it? Did you just work it out yourself?
    I think it will be really warm. Can't wait for my lessons so I can do all this good stuff.

  2. Wonderful job. Did you figure it out all by yourself. Fun. Now, we just need some cool weather and you will be the dressiest tiger in the jungle.


  3. Even better. Like now the front worked out. Off to check out the pattern and see if some of it might work for the African Flowers under way.

    Glad to give you the laugh today,

    I seriously just realized I'm that Crazy Crocheting Aunt we all talked about as kids.

    But, why do all the kids want to stay with my and not grandma. That's an easy answer. We have fun here at my house.

    Off to the T.V. for some Scooter time. He is feeling quite lonely lately.

    Kate - The Crazy Aunt

  4. Well done Maria, it has turned out really well and will be not too warm - just cosy for you to wear now your weather is cooling down a lot. Iam on ravelry now - I will try and catch up with you on there too - just feeling my way around. x

  5. Fantastic. Love the colours.

  6. What a great idea - granny squares on the angle so they work like diamonds! That's so cool! They look really different that way and I love the zig-zag hem they create.

    Now all I've got to do is master the granny triangles, and then I could... Oh, no, Maria, you're getting me all inspired again! (Starts chanting to self) Must finish current projects first! Must finish current... :-)

    This is great. Well done, you! Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

    Caz from Never Knew

  7. it looks really great Maria, I like the cheerful colours a lot ! I am planning a little bolero next...
    Louise x