Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Favourite Christmas symbol

Hi everyone
Well where do I start today (slight frown on face)? mmmmm..........

Well to keep me in the spirit of Xmas, I am going to start with my favourite Xmas symbols/people/ideas - anything really.  Please join in and mention yours.

While I do love Santa, and Rudolph is so cute and I love his story (as you will see from my knitting cloths) - my favourite of all has to be .....

Mrs Claus Knitted, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.

Mrs Claus!!!!!!
Yeah for Mrs Claus!!!!!

She works so hard all year round to help things run smoothly at the North Pole. She very rarely gets recognition of all that she does. But does this stop her? No, she keeps going and finds more to do to ease Santa and the elves jobs.

This is because she so loves sharing, caring and spreading the joy of Xmas!!! The joy not of large, expensive gifts (although if your lucky enough to receive, make sure you say a HUGE thank you), but the joy of having family and friends around, to make contact with others. To renew friendships and keep families together

You will note that this Mrs Claus has her own family around her here! Of course, Santa, who is joined by Mrs Frosty. Just never got around to making Frosty, although I do enjoy the song

Just as an afterthought - the other Xmas blanket I am working on, which is a hexagon.  Well I decided to attempt something new - "join-as-you-go" which I first saw at Attic 24 who noticed it Moonstitches (tutorial on right hand side bar).
I wish I had of thought of attempting this from the first blanket - it is so easy, and not sure if I do it right, but it has given this new blanket a lovely pattern as well  :-)

Bye for now and hoping that the spirit of Xmas is around


  1. Look at THAT! You are so clever. It is enough for me to get excited about the C word. They are just gorgeous.

  2. Gorgeous! My favourite Christmas idea... more favourite New Year's... The first time I was in Vienna, I was nutty about the tradition of giving each other pigs for luck! I love it! Stalls full of pigs in cookies, ceramics, wood etc. I keep up the tradition here now. Nothing like New Year's pigs.

  3. Lovely festive post Maria, I like Angels at Christmas they are my favourite. Your blanket is looking great - join as you go makes it so fast and easy doesn't it - enjoy!!!!!

  4. Hi Maria,
    I absolutely love these. You are stitch perfect by the looks. They are truly beautiful. What a wonderful Christmas group you have there. Whenever I work in white (it gets mucky!). Oh, I just love these. WEll done to you! Congratulations. So cold here.

    I hope you are okay and its not too hot for you. We've been watching 'Get me out of here' Celebrity show in Australia with our celebrities, I think of you....... On every evening.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Mrs. Claus and her family look very friendly!
    But I think they miss the snow....
    May be you can help them a little bit:

    ~X~ Karin

  6. Lovely knitted Santas...I'm waaay behind with all my decoration making...but have hopefully will be able to make a start this weekend !