Thursday, 26 November 2009

The 'C' word

Hi everyone

Well one of the 'C' words is CHANGE - yes I played with my blog title.  Another 'C' word of course is CHRISTMAS - and yes that has to do with the changes I have made.

Now I know I am a little early, but my family is celebrating Christmas in 24 days, so this is my start of advent.  I will, over the time, show you some photos of my special items (well some of them anyway).  In years past DH and I got quite into the swing of Christmas and decorated our whole front room (which had a very large window fronting the street) with Christmas goodies.  The neighbours loved and the kids faces were not to be missed.  That won't work where we are now, but a few of my favourites will come out - or those I can reach in storage.  There are literally boxes of them, and they are stacked quite high!!

If I can work this out, I will embed a YouTube video which relates to both 'C' words.  The song is sung by Rolf Harris, an Australian-born, England living entertainer.

This is my favourite Christmas song!!!  I always get a tear in my eye remembering my "littlies" when they use to sing it at Christmas.  The video has various Australian scenes - Carols in the ? in various capital cities, what we do most of Christmas Day if it is hot (especially the travellers to our country, if your Australian you would not be there in the middle of the day with the heat) and various decorated streets and houses

Hope you enjoy it

Bye for now

PS - Just checked - it worked - Wahoo!!!!!!   Another lesson learnt


  1. What a cute Christmas song! And the pictures were an extra treat. I never realized that your Christmas is during summer. What a bummer!

    Our winters here in SE PA haven't been bad since we moved here 10 yrs ago. We had cold, snowy winters when we lived in Chicago (IL) and Cleveland (OH).

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving? Oh, do you celebrate Thanksgiving down under?

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Great idea to embed the song but it is not coming up on my computer - could be MY computer. Hope your weekend is cooler this week

  3. How cute a song - you have made me feel very festive Maria!

  4. Brilliant Maria, Of course we know Rolf! Great header I love it. Great song, December nearly here.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Maria, I love your Santa in the header!
    And the Rolf Harris song too!