Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Where has it gone ....

Hi everyone
Where has it gone? 
My Christmas mojo seems to be taking a break, very sad. 
Feeling tired and lethargic, not sure if it is the weather (which has been warm and humid)
or that every weekend is booked out
or that I committed myself to finishing the blankets for Christmas (our early Christmas too)
or if I just need some iron to give me some get up and go   :-)
Oh well, it should work itself out soon

I have been enjoying looking at everyone's decorating though, so I thought I would share a couple of my items

And with my love of Penguins, I had to take this little fellow home

First off we have a couple of Lemax houses.  We have about 20 or so in total, which we used to make village scenes out of for our front window display.  My favourites are the Old English pubs, so we have a few of those.  No room here to display them and would not be seen by anyone but ourselves at 10th Level above ground.  So I grabbed a couple that were not down the bottom of boxes.  The photos were taken at night, but only one shows the lighting any good and that was using the candle-effect mode for the camera

The lighthouse light spins around and is red.  Not much lighting in the house itself.

Not too sure what the name of this house is.  I will have to check the box

And here it is with the candle-light effect which is more how we view it.

A small collection of my Santa's.  The middle one was bought back from Germany by my SIL1, the other 2 were bought at the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show in July.  I just thought they were so cute.

Hopefully I will have more energy later in the week

Bye for now


  1. Hi Maria,
    I know the hot weather gets you down especially when all the bloggy friends are talking about cosy fires and snow!!
    Hope you get some energy back so you can get all those jobs done in time.

  2. Hi Maria,
    These are simply gorgeous! I love seeing Christmas Decorations! The buildings look so cute! You like penguins too! They are adorable. I was watching a programme on them the other evening. They are beautiful creatures.
    Do you have your Christmas lunch on the beach? We have always been led to believe that's what the Australians do?

    Do you have your tree up?

    I've just been stocking up my freezer, before the stupid mad panic sets in at the supermarket. Been busy today getting a few things present wise. The problem is...what to get!

    Thanks for the comments most appreciated.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. I totally get the Christmas MoJo being gone. But, you sure have some fun things here. We did get our tree up at least. So I have a little corner in this mess to enjoy.

    Way too much reading to catch up on...