Thursday, 12 November 2009

Red & Blue & Brown & ...

Hi everyone
I promised a show of the ripple pillow on Monday.
Well Mon, Tues & Wed just were off days for me, so it will just have to be today.

I actually finished the pillow on Friday. Another hand-made gift for Xmas and this will be a big test as its for DD1 and she has not seen any of the projects I have been up to.

So here it is, perched on my lounge, which luckily is in a similar colour as DD1's lounge ....

So although I was off-colour and could not concentrate on the Autumn ripple, I did manage to find my favourite reindeer - or in this case snow deer :-)))

I also made this for a gift.
Now there is a story to tell behind this yarn and I am so glad it is gone.
I bought the yarn a few years ago thinking I would make myself a simple singlet top. Cotton a great choice for summer and as it had texture I could knit it plain. Weeelllll ......... this yarn is horrible, I will never again go near textured yarn. In parts the cotton (I think it was a cotton mix) felt like string with bumps on it. It affected my tension badly, and then I noticed that my fingers were turning blue - the dye was coming out. But I kept going and finished the top - it was OK.
But then I found that it kept stretching and stretching and the dye kept coming out wash after wash. I gave it away in the end.
Now this is a washcloth. Not super soft, but ok. And at least the dye should run in the bath or shower :-)
Must warn the recipient :-)

And here is the start of the Autumn ripple - note to me I must start with looser chains when rippling!!!!!
For some reason I could not concentrate on the ripples over the last few days, so that is why I went back to knitting
I did do some reading in the off-time though, which I will save for the next post
Its another scorcher here today and there are fire-bans through most of my state. Need to keep cool
Bye for now


  1. Hi Maria Its chilly and wet here in the UK and sooo dark! Seems me trying to keep warm and you trying trying to keep cool!! Your ripple cushion is a great success glad you perserverd with it and your 'snowdeer' is cute what a nice present for someone. Hope you are feeling a bit better now and at least you were able to read and knit in your off-time.

  2. Hello Maria,
    I agree with Kim, its cold miserable and dark here. I think we all wish we were with you. We could have a get to-gether! Got any free rooms available? Kim and myself aren't doing that much,except a bit of Flickr and Crocheting. ha.ha. ! to keep our fingers warm.....
    Glad you are a rippling!! You are doing so....well.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  3. WOW. Really like all your treasures here today. I think th snow deer is too cute. I'm really like in the ripple colors. Can't wait to hear what you have been reading. I need to take some time and get back to that soon.

  4. Hello. You've got a lot of projects going on! That ripple pillow is so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog.