Monday, 2 November 2009

All is right with the world

Hi everyone

Sometimes I should just have a little more faith in myself.

After crocheting and frogging this amount at least 10 times with 3 different patterns (btw they all ended up with the same curve), I took hook & heart in hand and continued with the pattern.

And look what happened ..........

Ripple Pillow, originally uploaded by Aussie Maria.

Just a little faith goes a long way and I actually did not have that much time to spend with it this weekend.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the very concerned and helpful people out there in blogger & flickr land. You did help and made me very determined to work out what was going on.

Another btw - I have no idea why it curves when I start, maybe I do the chains too tightly or ????????

But it worked out!!!!!

Here is one of the reasons I did not get to do much on the pillow

Way too hot to pick up yarn out here :-))))))

This is the view from North Bilgola lookout looking south - beach on right is Bilgola and left is Newport. The colours are not so good as they are taken with my very basic mobile phone. But what you really can't see is 2 very large pods of dolphins playing - honest. And they were having a ball!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend


  1. Once you got going it looks great. Maybe you could add a border all the way around of sgl.'s after you are finish. That first row is always the toughest. I know the next one will be perfect. Glad to see you didn't give up.... also more important you had a nice weekend.

  2. Maria,
    I'm really pleased you've managed it. I'm glad the pattern worked for you. I've had great fun with it. We've all been very concerned for you. I am amazed that you have picked it up so quickly!! I couldn't do it at first, but if you persevere you do it.! Amazing how women all around the world have been giving you advice! over flickrmail and photos and we've all achieved something to day! So let's carry on helping each other!
    That scenery is spectactular!!
    Thanks for letting us all know.
    Hugs to you Sue x

  3. Absolutely I only crochet blankets in winter - and we are in the UK - well for 28 days (sorry telling everyone on blogland as I cant get excited in real life as it makes my mum too sad!)

    Love the blanket !!!


  4. Hi Maria I am glad you got the ripple sorted. I am a little jealous as I am sitting here in the dark UK and it is starting to feel colder and I look at your beautiful photo and saying how hot it is there! How lovely to be able to chat across the world - I still cant quite get my head around it!!!!!!! Its great!

  5. That ripple looks fantastic. I love how helpful blog world is when it comes to sorting out project dramas. It is going to be a gorgeous pillow.