Monday, 23 November 2009

Hot, hot, hot .... need to chill

Hi everyone
Well it continued with the heat wave over the weekend.  Friday was 42.2 Celsius (108 F).  Late Friday bought a very little of this ....

5 minutes of this - and this is the total width of it - with lightening strikes in the centre of it.   It was pretty dramatic

Saturday was a little cooler.  There was a breeze, which luckily was not a burning, hot wind.  Temp's back down to the high 30's.

So thinking about Kimbles at Home's tutorial for this and The Royal Sisters tutorial for this and this - I came up with this ....... maybe for a Secret Santa Swap

Anyone else think I am trying to cool things down a bit here with all the "Winter" themed items!!!!

Now we are back to Sunday and we are back up over 41 C (106 F)
We finally got the southerly very late Sunday night which cooled things down while we were sleeping - well actually thats when we could finally fall asleep.

And as for Monday, well hopefully there will be rain today to drench all the bush fires everywhere

Bye for now


  1. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog regarding my crocheted dish cloths. I like doing them in the granny square stitch even though I have other patterns. Have you ever used Rowan cotton yarn? Quite a few of the crochet blogs use that type. I have been so busy with starting my blog that I have neglected my crocheting this week.

    Wow! Thanks for giving me the conversion of degrees C to degrees F. I don't think I have ever been in temps over 100 degrees F but I know that our SW area can reach into the 100 + degrees. That has to be too hot. Is your hot weather muggy like our eastern coast/Florida? I hope you have A/C. It's starting to get dark earlier and earlier here as we move towards the shortest day of the year (21-21). Keep Cool!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. Phew you poor things! I have a son who lives in Sydney and he was cooking on Sunday. Hope your day is better today.

  3. Hi Maria - spectacular weather picture. I feel so sorry for you all out there in the heat it must be unbearable! I love the bunting - thanks for giving me a mention - I only wish you could get a real snowman for once! Wishing you coolness!

  4. Maria!

    Thanks for your comment.
    These 42.2ºC must be unbearable.
    Last saturday it was very warm here in the Netherlands. 15 or 16ºC in november!!!
    Today we had so much rain.... maybe I should send you some of our rain to cool down!!! ;)
    Hold on.... maybe it helps to sing Christmas songs about snow and reindeers.....

    ~X~ Karin

  5. For the pattern:

  6. Love that Christmassy garland. Hope it cools you down a bit.