Thursday, 29 October 2009

Apologies and explaination

Hi everyone

Firstly I should apologise for not saying a BIG THANK YOU to all the very kind people who have left compliments and comments about my Rainbow Hex. I got so caught up in reading them I forget to pass my thank you on - so thank you kind bloggers and Flickr's.

Secondly, just for your info - I usually blog early in the morning, from about 8ish, so I usually am a day behind those in England or USA. And I never blog on weekends - love Monday morning when I get a good read from all the feeds.

But extremely luckily for me naughty Kate, from The Garden Bell, was having a late night and gave me a suggestion for colours. Now The Garden Bell has completed quite a few ripple projects, so I took her advice (cause I was leaning that way already) and I raced back up the shops to acquire more yarn. Along the way I thought of another project, so of course more yarn was purchased. The new project uses some of the colours I already purchased and will be a Xmas gift. I had to race back up as there was not that much yarn there at that price and for once I really did not want to miss out.

Also a huge thank you for the advice that came through about my ripples, which I have browsed and used and will show photos of later. If you remember, I am a self-taught crocheter and I needed a little correction with technique. And possibly the yarn I was using could have been the cause - it was horrible!!!!!!
Now to explain my excitement over the yarn yesterday. I had budgeted for more cotton to complete this DD3's wedding project ......
and more wool for this Xmas project for DD2 .........
but instead came upon this ........
and yes there is another colour in there, but I did leave out one of the silvers (which actually is showing a slight blue tinge in the photo).
My excitement was because the yarn was only $2.00. Most nice acrylic blends in Australia retail for $4.00. So that is why I got so very, very excited.
Now do you think 800g of yarn is enough to make a small ripple? :-) Or do I need more?????
Also for those who asked - I found 'Crochet Today' at Borders at Hornsby, it is not a place I normally look for my magazines. The local newsagents had not got copies yet.
Now its another lovely day to practice my rippling as it is cool and overcast - perfect.
Bye for now


  1. G'day Maria
    Good luck with your ripple & your other projects... will have to keep turned...
    Thanks for the insight on the book... I'll visit Borders on my way home from the airport tomorrow... wooopie looks like some more fun... Have a great w/e... B

  2. Those are some great colours. Your ripple is sure to be gorgeous. Have a great weekend.