Friday, 2 October 2009

Me & Xmas

Hi everyone
Firstly - I was one of those people who adamantly insisted on writing Christmas as such and not as Xmas. Then via the power of the web I discovered that XP was the old symbols for Christ. So in other words I am still saying "Christmas" when I write "Xmas". See here for more info if your interested.
I now have permanently adopted the word Xmas and celebrate with it.

We (DH & I) have always loved Xmas and love celebrating the time with the old basics - sharing, family, caring and the good old Xmas spirit. Slowly over the years (only about 8 or so) we have collected quite a few ornaments, moving figurines etc. We set up a display in the front room of our previous house filled with them (we don't seem to have taken photos, but I will continue looking). The children, young and old, loved coming around to see how we had set up our display and what was new. We had a constant turn-around of setting some of them into action. I loved their faces, young and old, they all seemed to be sharing the spirit. And our street, which was a cul-de-sac, would have the street Xmas party here and the display would be on ALL night.

Well, to cut a long story short - I/We lost the spirit last year and did not put a single decoration up!!! Very, very, sad. No spirit, no will to get into the spirit. Very bah, hum-bug!!!!

Well, this year I am determined to find some of that spirit and have been keeping my eyes open for new ideas. So when I say these ..... well, what could I do, but take them home!!! Especially as one of the cookie cutters is my favourite animal - penguins (especially the little fairy penguins) so here is hoping that our Xmas spirit returns this year with a vengeance
Bye for now


  1. Hi Maria,
    I'm visiting from the UK. I'm also an online friend of Garden Bell. I just looked to sign in and there she was. Coincidence. Anyway, I'm Sue. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and hope we can become friends. You have older daughters like me. Mine are 23 now, gorgeous girls. I'm loving your posts. I suppose Christmas isn't the same when the children are older. It will be strange for me this year, because since February I have been 'half an empty-nester' it's took me a very long time to get use to the fact. Hope it's okay to sign in,
    Friendship hugs across the miles,Sue.

  2. I see you meet my friend Sue in the UK all the way across the pond from where I am outside Chicago... Small world....

    Nice read today.

  3. Just to say I've never made a Hexagon blanket. Your's looks so neat...... Beautiful work. Lovely colours too. Well done Maria. Thanks for visiting me on Flickr. You new to Flickr? Hope we see plenty more photos on there very soon. Hugs Sue.