Monday, 26 October 2009

Next ....

Hi everyone
Well no-one had a guess as to what the this was going to become. I did finish it the same day, but forgot to blog about it. So here it is ....... now please sssshhhhhh ......... of course its a secret ...

Hope you can work out what it is, not sure with the photo - its a Santa washcloth.

Now this is what I did Friday, I decided to do a test run with these .......
and used a recipe from the good old "Commonsense Cookery book - Basic biscuit recipe" and added a few choc bits and this is what they became ......

Now the photo was taken immediately they had cooled
- before anyone was at home
- cause by that night
- there was nothing left to take a photo of!!!!
And there was only 3 of us - ooppss. Well it was a test run, so now I know the recipe is well liked. Next time I will play with icing etc.

Now on to the next project. This one is for DD2 and is a BIG secret. She stills thinks I am not making it for her. Lovely Xmas colours, but for her they are the colours of her favourite NRL football team - South Sydney Rabbitohs. The black sort of ties it in with her partners favourite team - Penrith Panthers. So it will be a joint Xmas present for them.
I have discovered my eyes do not like dark colours. The black has become very hard for me to see stitch definition, so will probably start avoiding it from now on

We went and watched "Julie/Julia" yesterday with DH and loved it. Did not expect it to be as funny as it was. Loved the '50's fashion, especially for the women, developing from suits and skirts to the more relaxed trousers. The shoes were gorgeous!!!! Could not help noticing as she was so tall
Its raining fairly solidly here today, so a great day for sitting back and getting on with the projects running at the moment. mmmmmmmm ....... that might mean ordering for wool. Oh well!!
Have a great day - bye for now


  1. I'm in denial. Christmas is not coming. It is not coming until December. Well... if you catch my meaning!

  2. I saw Julie/Julia too and loved it. In fact it spurred my to get on with blogging and now I've found lots of interesting people from all over the world to visit every day. Fantastic.