Friday, 16 October 2009

Lime Green became ........

Hi everyone
Well, no guesses, but you can see what the knitting became - a Green Tree Frog Washcloth!!! The pattern is here. This is a quick, fun knit - maybe an idea for stocking fillers.

Now what could this be ......??????

I think it is also about time I explained the title of my blog. Firstly it is the country where I am from (well the abbreviated word for it) and love.

I am a dark-haired, olive skinned person. My name is Maria. So when people meet me for the first time they automatically think I am Italian. I have spent many years denying this to heaps and heaps of people.

I have always been a proud Australian. Love my country!!! Find certain qualities heart-tweaking such as certain trees, scenes, animals etc.

Over the last 10 years or so I have researched my family tree and guess what?????

Nope - no Italians. I am actually a 7th Generation Australian. My origins are a mix of Irish, Welsh, English, German and Latvian/Russian. And as Jack Thompson said, I am "Australian Royalty" in the fact that I have convict ancestors!!! Love that fact!!!!

Can't match DH who is descended from 3 First Fleeters and is 9th Generation Australian. His family all started procreating very, very young :-)

Have a great weekend and good luck with guessing


  1. Very cute. I haven'nt knitted in a long time. But, this has me thinking. Great colors.

  2. I thought it was something to do with frogs! It looks really good Maria! Now I love pink!

  3. Love the frog! That'll keep things clean! Oh, and I'm in the same boat - in Italy, always taken for Italian (until five minutes of looking blank to various questions finally confirmed I had no idea what was being said!). But no Italian in my genes. And most of the Italians I know are blonde...

  4. I'll get that done for you Marie! Thanks for visiting!