Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Clever Shawl

Hi everyone

This project initially was for me
I have so much trouble with wearing shawls
They just seem to fall off me or not stay put
And I am not a fussy type who will keep re-adjusting
I put clothes on and that's it.

This project had all the right things
I would not have to worrying about making it stay put
Simple, Easy
A little lacy

Garter stitch is stretchy
But this is slightly too small for me
Will fit soon though
Details here

Mods - 8ply wool and 4.5mm needles
Worked 16 points in total because of the the thinner yarn and needles
I also worked extra increases to get a bit more depth on the back

Love the shawl

After I finished it, I thought it would be lovely for those in nursing homes, wheelchairs etc.
Something pretty and yet functional

It really is a Clever Shawl


  1. That looks lovely Maria. You're right it would be great for someone in a nursing home.

  2. Practical, but lovely .. I like the tie , no need for a pin which is a big plus :))

  3. Best one yet. I too have such a problem with shawls. Maybe, it's the old swimmmer shoulders. But, this looks fab.

  4. Looks lovely - well done. Some one will love it.

  5. Where do you find these great patterns? I love it !!! Oh boy, another WIM.

  6. Just catching up with your last few posts Maria. I love your shawl; it looks pretty and cosy. Your crochet is very pretty and your dear little five hour baby cardi is just what I've been looking for. Thanks for putting it on Ravelry.

  7. That's a beautiful shawl! I'm still working on my Japanese flower shawl.. I don't have a shawl of my own at this time.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hi Maria, the shawl is lovely and looks an easy design to wear, there's nothing worse than spending all that precious crafting time on a project and then not being able to enjoy wearing it.

    You should have a go at a quilt, it's not as difficult as you may think.

    lily x

  9. Hello my friend, very beautiful shawl was a great block, I watch the hands of health I wait for you to discuss my blog loves.