Monday, 18 July 2011

Blog Posts

Sometimes I wonder about too many things
Nothing important or life changing
Usually nothings in particular

So I am going to ask for your input with this one

It's about blogging posts
Do you?????

1)  Read them from RSS Feeds or Email (by subscribing)?
2)  Or do you blog hop to each site?

Me personally
Well I receive feeds and emails

So that's one vote for No 1. !


  1. Good morning Maria. I have a list of my favourite blogs on the sidebar of my blog and I can see from there when they are updated. Don't know the technical name for this method !!??
    I can tell that you updated with this post about 10 minutes ago.

  2. I follow through Blogger. Most blogs I follow anonymously (I don't know why). Every day, when I open my Dashboard, all the new posts are listed there (from latest post) ready for me to click on each link. All the blogs I follow, even if there hasn't been a recent post, are also listed in one place. I used to use Bloglines but that was another page I had to open - I have to open my Blogger Dashboard so that's the best place for me!

    So I guess that's another vote for #1!

  3. I use a reader but then go check out the blogs if I want to leave comments.

  4. I do the same as Dorothy, I chose on my blog list to show the heading and a picture too

  5. Maria I also look at blogger dashboard too

  6. Hi Maria, I follow from my favourites list as they appear, and blog hop to read and leave a message :))

  7. I keep up with things through my Google reader (RSS feed), often on my Nook color, This isn't very conducive to logging in and leaving comments - I need to stop multi-tasking! :)

  8. Hello Maria. I do the rounds of my favourites and when time allows look at some that catch my interest on other blogs. I find the dashboard useful when time is short.

  9. Hi Maria, I read from my list every day and sometimes visit others who comment on their blogs.

  10. G'day Maria - I use Google reader. Love to keep up. love Kat

  11. I use a combination. IE is too slow for my connection, so I have favourited all the blogs I like to read on Chrome. Not very efficient as it doesn't show up recent additions, but at least I can keep track of everyone. I hate getting too many emails so I don't subscribe.

    I also read interesting posts I see on Ravelry as well as the blogs of my readers (through my dashboard).

  12. Interesting to see the responses here. I blog hop.