Friday, 1 July 2011

I have been ....

.... crocheting
But for some reason the project is just not working for me

I love the yarn - Bendigo 8ply Cotton - so soft
The colours are lovely - looked even better in the photo
Pattern works up well - and I love the projects others have made with this pattern.

Maybe its just all the changing of colour????
Hubby doesn't like all the white - I love it?????

So this little project is just sitting
Staring at me from the top of my pile
So I don't forget
So I will find inspiration
So I ........ ?????
Darn, what is bothering me with it?????

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my recent quilting post.
You lot are no help at all  ;-)
As it seems that most of you have been tempted into other crafting pursuits too  :-)
My only resistance at the moment is that there are no material shops close to me
And I am definitely wanting to see "jellyrolls"????, "charm squares"??????, "fat quarters"????? etc etc etc in person ............. I think


  1. Are you sure there's not one? Quilting shops seem to be all over the place. LOL

    I'm sorry, but I'm with your husband on the white - otherwise the colours are gorgeous.

  2. I think the crochet looks lovely with the white, very chic! Jelly rolls are very nice and I am sure there would be one on your travels. Maybe you need to google one to see if there are any close by. It doesnt hurt to have other hobbies, just as long as you make time for them I guess.

  3. I like the white - it makes the colours so crisp - maybe there isnt enough white around the motif ?
    they look a little squashed

    love working with that Bendigo cotton - no turning back !

  4. I quite like white borders for crochet blankets. There is only one problem with it though, if its anything like my blankets the white doesn't stay that white for long.
    You're crochet looks lovely. I like the colours.

  5. Maria, that blanket looks lovely - keep going with it. I agree with Killiecrankie Farm - the white does make the colours stand out. Look forward to seeing the finished blanket.

  6. Hi Maria,

    The white makes the other colours sing beautifully, a gorgeous fresh, crisp design.

    It sounds like you've been bitten by the fabric bug, there are so many fantastic fabrics around now it's hard to resist........never worked with Jelly rolls but have been besotted with buying Charm packs and Layer cakes..........even the names sound yummy.

    lily x

  7. Like Lynne I am sorry but I'm also with your husband on this one and wonder if a darker shade for the borders might be better - you could always try joining a few of the motifs with a darker border to see couldn't you? As to the fabric shops - don't let that put you off as there are plenty of on-line stores selling patchwork stuff and if not why not go to your local charity shops and buy things just for the fabric? There's no excuse you know!!!

  8. Love it Maria, nothing wrong with the white, be brave carry on with it, I think you will be surprised at the outcome..:)

    Oh and you are a bad girl Maria :)) .. all this talk of jelly rolls,fat quarters and charms etc.. LOL.. There are lots of material stores on line...:)) tell us what you do ..please..:))

  9. I agree with you; the white looks great. Maybe you just have to wait a little, and then you'll know how to go on with it?
    As for the quilting, a shop like that is just a candy store. You have to be a strong girl not to buy anything, so make sure you're up to it!!

  10. I hate it when I feel that way about a crochet project I've started and invested time in. It's very pretty, Maria. I usually can't explain why I feel that way either.


  12. 1. Maria I love the white. It seems there are a couple of people who would prefer a darker colour though. Guess it will have to be your decision.
    2. Start with fat quarters and a small project - perhaps just squares in a range of colours. You can probably buy some online. The important thing is cutting out and quarter inch seams. A little baby sized quilt lined with flannelette backing for some charity to give you a taste.If you like it you can then join a group and move on from there.

  13. Compromise - turn it into a cushion cover?
    Caz :)

  14. Hi Maria,

    I, too, like the white.

    Maybe the prob is that you don't have a particular purpose in mind for this project, so can't visualise it where it's ending up.

    I know I feel more inspired when I have a definite place for it to go.

    Having said that, I have a project on the go that looks very similar to that - with a cream background.

    Ive got about the same size as you, and it has sat for months....who knows?