Friday, 1 April 2011


is an acronym  :-)
I love acronyms
While driving we make up titles, sayings etc from number plates
One of my favourites is an Australian company
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service

Anyways, COTM means
Charity Of The Month through K4C, Knit 4 Charities

Here is what I sent off for one of this months, NSW Womens Refuge
Some of these you may have seen before

A couple of toddler ponchos, one with matching beanie,  a toddler jacket, 2 baby beanies, and 2 adult beanies
Amazing what you can squish into a 500g post pak

Also made this for an upcoming charity

The Surreybelle Scarf
Quick, easy and fun
Mine is 8cm x 150cm, but it can very easily be made wider
Details here

I have also been whipping up these with scraps of yarn as they only take about 5g
It is for another upcoming charity and it was started as a KAL
Another acronym :-)  Knit A Long

Little fishies
Which one lovely lady is going to join into a blanket for St Giles Children
There are a few samples and ideas on Ravelry to show what it can look like
One here

And I still have not shown you my latest creation
Seem to have blocking block  :-)
Might just have to get a photo as it is

And for one last acronymn I just made up - AFD
Have fun pranking on April Fools Day

Anyone else have favourite acronymn's?


  1. Oh Maria, it's so kind of you to send those things to the charity, they're all beautiful! The scarf looks really gorgeous, I love the color too, thanks for sharing the pattern!
    Have fun on April Fools Day too, and hope your weekend is great!! x

  2. You are just the sweetest. Someone is going to feel very special

  3. Remember TAA ??..Trans Australia Airlines .. well I guess that shows my age..
    Anyway I love all the things you have made for the womans shelter :))
    As for A.F.D.. I was caught out a beauty.. Hubbie was taking over my craft room for his cheesess....... Yep I jumped in boots and all LOL
    Have a great day Maria :))

  4. All those lovely gifts to give away. They're beautiful.
    Great capricorn minds think alike. The acronym game with car number plates kept our lot entertained on many a car trip. And the habit is hard to break - I still do it today. Lol.

  5. Amazing Maria when you put everything out like that how much you've actually made! Well done!
    Have you heard my voice yet, pop over to Flickr.
    Hugs Suex

  6. My! You have been very busy. I love the wonderful items you have made for charity.

  7. Hi, checking in to see what you've been up to..
    love the beanie you've got going on the circulars, the baby knitting is very cute.
    I've got my first grandbaby on the way but they've decided to be surprised and wait until the birth so I'm knitting too many girl things - fluff and flowers and pink are so much fun!! have a great week....

  8. How kind of you Maria, the Women's refuge is going to be really pleased with your lovely makes. Quite like LOL and NIMBY (not in my back yard) makes me giggle! x

  9. very pretty scarf and I LOVE the little fishes blanket (I have seen it on ravelry before) so clever to find someone who will sew it up for you!