Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Guess what..........!!!!!

Yes, I'm wildly excited and very happy

I have been reading Jodie from Jellywares blog for a long time.
She is a lovely lady with a beautiful family
Recently she opened a shop in Cobar which sells yarn
Pity its a bit of a hike for me to visit, otherwise I could see me making fortnightly (ok weekly) visits.

While watching a video she uploaded to her blog last week, I spotted something which got me very, very excited.
Jodie mentioned that she was working on a project made with Malabrigo sock yarn.
Now this yarn has been on my radar for a very long time.
The reports from various crafty blogs has been overwhelmingly positive

But what really caught my eye was the colour she showed - a blue
Yes, I know, this is not one of my normal colours
But lately, I keep being drawn to various shades of blue to blue-greeny colours
Just not NAVY - Ugghhhh (an old school colour which turned me off)

So I jumped straight into an email and asked if she had anymore of that yarn in that colour
Yes, was her reply
So I acted fast

Now postage in Australia is expensive.  Its usually cheaper to fill up PostPaks to get full value
So I did

This is what the ever so helpful, Jodie, sent me  :-)))))

Blatant advertising - Jellywares Business Card in front
Malabrigo Azules - so soft and squishy
Malabrigo Terracotta - ditto
Jodie squeezed in some Beautiful buttons that blend perfectly with the Azule
And a very cute gift card - fantastic idea


So guess what I have been doing while waiting (only a very small time) for this scrumptiousness to appear????
That's right perusing Ravelry for patterns - and now I am even more confused
I could just play with the yarn for a while, but I'd rather wear it  :-)

Any suggestions?????


  1. So lovely :)) Of course we all will want it now LOL..
    What to make with it Maria is a huge ?mark... So much on Ravelry to choose from :) Lets know what you choose :))
    Have a great day :))

  2. Very pretty - I've heard good things about Malabrigo too!

  3. OH Maria you are excited!
    I got excited for you reading this post!
    Well done it looks great!

  4. Wow! Beautiful! Malabrigo sock is so soft and lovely! I have some and I pet it often :P

    Do you like shawls? Damson by Ysolda Teague calls for this yarn, although some people said one skein wasn't enough. Multnomah is also very pretty.

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