Friday, 15 April 2011

Tuva II

Hi everyone

Well here is D3's new Tuva

Modified as per her request - smaller depth & accessory

Photo was taken under sufferance   :-)

Details here

Now I just have to make a comment about this yarn

It is glorious!!!
Soft, smooth, a delight to work with

It is Bendigo Woollen Mills Melody
Shade - Crimson
A mix of Cashmere, Merino & Microfibre

Just wish they had more variety in colours
But I will find a way to work with what they do have  ;-)
Hopefully, they continue to make it
Only a small batch was made  :-(

And guess what????
Yep, another one is one the needles as per her request

Happy Mum here


  1. The hat looks lovely. I liked knitting with the Melody yarn too although they had run out of the red when I ordered mine.

  2. She doesn't look too happy about having her photo taken, does she? The hat fits well and should be light and warm.

  3. Oh that's a very lovely hat!

  4. You do make me smile :)) Lovely hat and pic .. Bendigo do make beautiful yarns..
    Don't forget to pop over to hooks and books, having a giveaway for 70 followers :))