Monday, 11 April 2011

Jade Tuva

The photo on Ravlry for this gorgeous little slouch hat has been constanly grabbing my eye and attention.
I can see D3 wearing it
Just have to wait and see if she likes it
So you will have to make do with Pooh!

Details here

And yes, I knit this on circulars in the round too!!!

Love, love, love doing it this way
Except for the first few rows and the last few rows on dpn's - fiddly

UPDATE - D3 loved it and she asked for another one, same pattern, but a few little mods
She works in the Fashion Industry and apparently its 'IN'
But the ones in her store are too big for her - so Mum is called in  - YEAH!!!


  1. Pooh Bear is such a wonderful model! The hat looks great.
    How on earth do you manage to knit in the round? I have only tried using dpns once and it was so awkward. It made my hands ache :(

  2. What a great hat Maria.. Not much of a knitter I'm afraid but I do enjoy seeing others work.. :))

  3. I love knitting in the round - no sewing up at the end! What could be better? Love the shade of blue you used.

  4. Love Pooh he is a great model.. what a bonus no sewing :))

  5. You have inspired me Maria and I'm going to give this hat a try. I've been looking for a suitable project in the round so I can try using dpn's. I'll be able to do most of this hat on circs then switch to the dreaded (for me anyway) dpns for the shaping. Wish me luck !! I think I'll need it.

  6. Very cute - and especially so on Pooh!

  7. It looks very cute. I will let you know when that hat pattern is released too which is knit in the round as well.

  8. your hats look great! I'd like to give this pattern a try. off to bookmark it...