Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just a little peek

....... of what I have been doing

My first successful attempt at knitting in-the-round on circulars!!
It's a beanie by the way

Every other attempt had the stitches catching on the the needle and cable join
- well they were old circulars :-)

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my 'Leafy Lime' Shawl
I am pleased with it


  1. I"m impressed... I love the yarn too.

  2. i wish i could learn to knit, i have tried and can knit a dish cloth and that is about it, but i really love the look of hand knitted items! the yarn your using is very pretty

  3. You are a tease Maria :)) LOL
    Love the wool you are using, I picked up the knitting needles over the weekend and had to laugh , as I had forgotten how to read the abreveations....
    I am going to check out your new round needles, they sound excellent to use.. :))

  4. Well done. I knit on circulars or dpns most of the time - I hardly ever knit with straight needles.

    No seam to sew "in the round" - isn't that a good thing?

  5. I like the coloured wool. Circular needles are good as it saves you losing one. Insane, I know, but sometimes I use two (of the same size)if the garment is big.

  6. Looks indeed like a succesful attempt! It took me a while before I got used to circulars, but now I hardly ever use straight needles anymore.