Friday, 25 February 2011

Thank you

Hi everyone

Well, yesterday we came home from another doctor's visit for hubby (all clear so far) and I found a card from Australia Post in the letterbox advising me that a parcel had to be picked up.  The card said "M. T???" and as both hubby and I share that initial we were trying to work out who it was for.

Hubby insisted that I had bought something online and he wanted to know what it was.
I was insisting that I had bought nothing and had no idea what it could be.
This went on for about 5 minutes when hubby suggested that it was "one of those bloggy things".
I said it couldn't be cause no-one had said anything to me and I had not given my address.

So, this morning I went to the Post Office.
The lady kept checking with me as to what my name was.  I was a bit confused, cause it was written on the card and I assumed the parcel.
Well, she handed it over and I walked out.

Then I looked at who it was for and where it was from
Lucky I did that outside the shop, cause a laugh escaped my lips
The parcel was addressed to
"Aussie" Maria T????
When I saw who it was from, I knew I had to get home quick to look and take a photo ☺

Yes, I did "smile" when I opened it

This wonderful Thank You package came from (please excuse the excessive use of adjectives)
the delightful, caring, always full of laughs, amazing, sharing, eccentric, fun-loving, colourful, crazy,
"Crochet Diva"
otherwise known as T.G.B. or The Garden Bell

No, I am not going to show what's inside, but let me tell you it smelled divine, tasted great and a part will be used for a long time and remind me frequently of Kate - how wonderful.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Words don't seem enough
Yep, she did it again - I had a tear in my eye because of her thoughtfulness
I am either laughing or teary with Kate

From "Aussie" to you, Kate


  1. Oh that's sooo kind! Hope all is well. Ros

  2. Thats great Maria... :)) A lovely surprise ..

  3. How lovely Maria! Glad to hear hubby is doing well too! x

  4. What a wonderful surprise for you, so many nice people in the land of blog.
    florrie x

  5. Eccentric... who me....giggle-giggle.....

    You are the sweetest. Glad my silly little treat arrived safely.

  6. She IS a little ray of sunshine isn't she? Glad all is good with Mr Aussie too.

  7. What a great gift! Lucky you! Enjoy!

  8. Enjoy your gift Maria,
    OH what fun!
    hugs Suex

  9. That's our Kate she is soooo thoughtful!