Monday, 28 February 2011

I am so sorry I caved in

Hi everyone

Thank you for your suggestions on my "title".
It would seem that the general census loved Kim's suggestion of "Ambi-stitchual"
But I am surprised that no-one suggested - Ninja Hooker or Hooking Ninja ☺☺☺

That's enough fun and frivolity

You should know by now that I prefer to knit/crochet with natural fibres (except maybe Mohair) and that a HIGH priority for me is to use Australian fibres because they are one of the best in the world and it supports our local industry.

Well, I'm very sorry to say that I caved in.  It's my LYS fault as they suddenly had stock of a small amount.
I bought Noro Silk Garden!!!
Couldn't help myself, I have been admiring the colours for years in various projects on Ravelry and blogs

Yes, the yarn is natural fibres - 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lamb's Wool
But its a Japanese yarn

So I thought, one ball just to try it
It's a thick to thin yarn
And its high level of silk.

A couple of days of mulling over a project that I would wear and show off the lovely colours and use only one ball, I finally found something.

Very plain and simple

My attempt at taking a photo in the mirror of the back of it ☺

And if anyone's thinking "Wow she did well out of one ball!!!"
I have to be honest, I was a wee bit short and needed a second ball  :-(

Pattern here


So what am I sorry about?
The yarn quality of the Noro
I know it was thick and thin, but the thin part was almost like knitting with string, so very rough.  The thick part was a bit better, but not very soft at all.  Very hairy to the touch. With the high quantity of silk in the yarn, I thought you would have been able to feel it - Nope, NOT AT ALL!!!!

And then when I was sewing up the one very small seam - the yarn broke, not once, but four times.  It stretched and became like fleece separating!!!
The colours are gorgeous, but at $14 a 50g ball - not worth it to me.
This has been my one extravagance with yarn and I am severely disappointed.

So the grass is not greener on the other side

Now in the last photo there is a glimpse of another project
This is made with Australian yarn - 75% Wool, 15% Silk, 10% Mohair
So very, very soft and you can definitely feel the silk


  1. I have fondled Noro at several craft shows and at M&S (the knitting store in Sydney) and never been impressed with it. I'm told it is much softer after washing! It is very pretty though, isn't it?

  2. $14 for 50g!!!! Wow, that is just... so out there! I am Miss Cheapskate and constantly waiting for things to end up on clearance, so that is WAY outta my normal budget! But, like you, I have seen projects that have used it online and have been very curious about it. Good to know that I'm not really missing much at all.

    One of these days (when all the other projects are finished!!) I'll get some stuff from Bendigo Woollen Mills - you often talk about them and their stuff looks lovely. And, like you said, it's nice to support Australian companies.

    Caz :)

  3. At least the colors are gorgeous and it looks great on!

  4. The moths would stay in my purse for sure Maria LOL..
    but the colour is lovely ...
    Love Australian wool/cotton can't beat it, unless it is Sugar and Cream :))

  5. I'm with you on the poor quality of the Noro Silk Garden, I did try knitting socks with this yarn but had to give up because of constant breakage, then I tried knitting a scarf with it, but again was not impressed with the roughness, the only good point is the rich colours...........glad I only bought one ball, which has now been hidden at the bottom of my stash until I decide what to do with it.

    Saying all that, your beret looks lovely.
    florrie x

  6. yes I agree with Florrie, the beret does look lovely. I absolutely love the colours Maria, and thanks for leaving a nice comment, love suex

  7. Just like you I have been drooling over the colours of the Noro yarn, but the price has always prevented me from buying it. It is sad to hear that you are so disappointed about this yarn. Thank you for sharing this. The hat does look lovely though.
    groetjes, Dorien

  8. I think this is a win for Aussie wool yet again! You really csn't beat it can you...

  9. I'm a Bendigo Mills fan too. I go for Aussi wool whenever I can but mostly I haunt the local op-shop for bargains.

  10. Thank you so much for popping over to my blog to welcome us home from our travels. We had such a wonderful time in your part of the world and will be blogging about it soon
    Kindest Regards Linda

  11. I always appreciate the opinions of fellow crocheters...really appreciate it. It does look beautiful though.