Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pay It Forward

Hi everyone

It seems that my PIF gifts arrived safely, so here's a glimpse of part of what I sent.
You can read more about it on their blogs

I made hotpads/potholders
On one side was this ......

A little reminder of me - A outline of Australia, in our wonderful colours of Green and Gold.
Pattern here

And the other side ......

A Purple Bell for The Garden Bell, A Pink Pig for Mrs Twins, and a Purple Kitty for The Woolly Adventures Of A Knitting Kitty

The patterns for the above are all on Ravelry.  You can link to them from my projects here.

This was my first time at sending a gift to my blogging friends
I'm so glad they liked them

I don't think I have any readers in FNQ, but if so - please take care and lots of luck with what is to come

Bye for now


  1. They are gorgeous...... And thankyou for adding Tasmania :))
    Lucky recipents Maria, your work is always of the highest standard.. :))

  2. Hi Maria,
    Lovely to hear from you - esp seeing as you are in Sydney - Im down in the Southern Highlands.

    Gosh, used to the heat? You'd think I would be after 35 yrs, wouldnt you?

    But today, as my gardening seems to by wilting into non existence, Im not sure.....


  3. What a gosh darn second... that one with the Bell is in my kitchen right now... I love it soooooooooo much I can't tell you. The charm is going to be a welcome addition and something I should really consider using....he-he.... THANKS SO MUCH....

    Oh, I will run down but will leave your with a few inches of the white stuff that is coming down right now.

    the FROZEN Garden Bell

  4. Too cute :-) Lucky recipients!

  5. Oh what pretty potholders. I do wish it would cool down, summer is my most horrible weather to live in.

  6. Thanks again Maria - the little purple kitty has taken up residence in my kitchen!

  7. Lovely potholders,

    florrie x

  8. Such a lovely PIF! Love the cute potholders! x

  9. Very nice PIF gifts and everyone is sure to be pleasantly pleased.

  10. Truly beautiful Maria, and thank you so much! Great post.
    love Suex