Saturday, 5 February 2011

KAL Update

Hi everyone

Do you remember me mentioning that Elaine from Down Cloverlaine was having a KAL?
Well, it has been finished since the 21st of January, so I'm late to show.
But better late than never

Lucky for me I took the photo straight after I finished
Cause this little one would have definitely disappeared in this heat ☺

Thanks Elaine
Another idea has now sprung ☺
The pattern is now on Ravelry for all to share

And just in case your not too sure - its a Polar Bear ☺


  1. That looks cute Maria. I had to look twice at it before I realised it was a bear.

  2. I followed that KAL, the first one I've ever tried.......stupidly, about halfway through I frogged the whole thing because I couldn't tell what it was and thought I'd made a mistake somewhere ...........damn and blast it, I'll have to knit it again, I see the polar bear now.

    florrie x

  3. Love the potholders....I'll add this to my weekend knitting and post so you'll see how I did, thank you for the tip on saving patterns in "favorites" - that's a great idea.
    I'm naming my potholders "Maria's Mits"
    Have a great weekend end - warm here too!

  4. such a sweet bear
    reminds me a little of piglet from winnie-the-pooh too