Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi everyone

Found myself with an excess of pumpkin and while I do eat lots of it baked, mashed, stir-fried, I wanted something sweet.

I have not tried pumpkin scones, will one day, but I like my scones fresh and warm, not long out of the oven.  What I was after, was something that would keep, to eat a little at a time.

So I started browsing the net to find options and came up with this one of Best Recipes site

The photo was very quickly taken before hubby disappeared with more slices of the cake  ☺
then  I would have had nothing to show, along with him muttering about me and my taking photos taking of weird things  ☺ ☺

An absolutely delicious, moist cake and the colour is wonderful.  It will definitely be on my keeper list

Pumpkin Fruit Cake
1 cup warm mashed pumpkin
1 cup sugar
2 cups Self Raising flour
2 eggs
125g butter
2 tablespoons golden syrup
250g dried mixed fruit
Pinch of salt

Beat pumpkin, sugar & butter for a few minutes.
Add syrup and beat until creamy
Add eggs, flour, fruit & salt
Pour into cake tin
Bake in moderate oven for 1-1/4 hours

Managed to sneak a slice for me now with morning tea - yummo


  1. Now that DOES look good and sounds simple to make and I LOVE pumpkin so I'll be trying it soon. Will let you know when I do.
    PS. My husband thinks I'm crazy too as I take photos of everything we do. He says he has to lock the bathroom door now in case I catch him in the shower!! Don't think anyone would find THAT interesting !!!

  2. Looks great, and easy, Maria. I think I'll have to try this out, especially since you've already tested it out for me and you found it delicious. :-)

    PS I loved Helsie's 5 cup cake - it was great and the kids loved it, too!

  3. They just don't get it, do they. We running around take pictures of the craziest things. They shake their head in bewilderment. Then they sneek in and read our blogs. I think they are just jealous as their minds can't think like us and be that creative.

    Great Recipe,

  4. Mmmmmmmmmm. Looks yummy! Have you ever tried beetroot cake? Somewhere I have a recipe for beetroot chocolate cake, and that too is very moist!

  5. Hilarious - hubbys just don't get it do they - us nutty bloggers running around taking piccies of this and that!!! That cake looks divine - can you please send me a slice!!! X

  6. Well blogging certainly makes you take stock of everything and everybody! Always got the camera ready for a shot.
    What did we do before?
    cake looks delicious Maria. I'd ask you to send me a bit.....But .....
    Hugs Suex