Monday, 28 September 2009

Wined & dined

Hi everyone
Thanks Clare for the good wishes, we had a fantastic weekend. My "babies" (one is in the photo below) are 28 and 27, but you are right, they will always be "my babies" :-)

In the end we were a party of 16 plus one absolute gorgeous, delightful, happy baby boy and we stayed at the Grand Mercure Vintage in great accommodation, which were perfect for our big group - 4 separate apartments which had 2 bedrooms with ensuites and a great big lounge, dining area with BBQ. Which was great for our large group gatherings

Here we are tasting wines at the beautiful Irongate Wineries - beautiful and the staff were the best!!!!
Another wonderful winery - Ballabourneen Wine Co. - had this saying near the entrance - very apt and the wines again were lovely as were their staff!

Picked these absolutely delicious chocolates up at Irongate - Sweet Shiraz Chocolates - mmmmm - no where near enough in the box, need more!!!

Another wonderful view from a winery of Brokeback Range A wonderful weekend of laughing, wining, eating (so much food - a huge, huge groan), talking, shopping, sightseeing
Hope you all had a great weekend too

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