Thursday, 17 September 2009

Today's Treats

Hi everyone
I decided to give myself a little treat today :-). I don't usually buy magazines as I find I usually don't find much to read and have gone through them (any of them) in about 10 minutes. I also prefer to buy Australian magazines as that way I am doing a little bit for our economy.
I bumped into this magazine about 6 weeks ago (Jul/Aug edition) It is not an Aussie publication, but I found a large number of patterns and info in that edition. While I have not as yet made anything from the patterns, I find them appealing as they are not "designer" patterns, but more everyday ones that I know I can make and use.
I don't find the "designer" magazines inspiration, I am more an everyday sort of gal and like things that are practical and functional and pretty.
Which is why I bought this .......
I have been looking for a small pencil case sized bag to put the bits & pieces that I need with my projects. I was more interested in a handmade one but have not seen one yet. But for $2 how can I say no to this. Yahoo!!!!
At the moment I am in love with that blue, especially with yellow or a dark, dark, brown. I would love a dress or maybe even the shawl to wear to my DD3's wedding in May. Haven't found either the dress or the yarn yet, so whichever comes first will dictate what colour the other item will be. Which I am thinking will be silvery gray or .......
Bye for now

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