Friday, 11 September 2009

Not wasted time

Hi there

Well I did put the hospital time to good use. Made some crocheted beanies for charity.
Then worked some more hex's. I am finally starting to join them together. Photos will follow.

I am a self-taught knitter and crocheter. My Mum would not teach me as she learnt to knit left-handed and I am a right-hander. Don't know why or when I learned to crochet, but it was definitely when I was a kid. Can't remember making anything out of crochet, but I suppose I must have made granny squares as I am comfortable with them.

What's funny is that for 20 or more years I have not touched crochet, but now ...........

I am besotted with it. I am making beanies, I plan to make cardigans for my DD3 flower girls and the granny-styled blankets that are lining up is ridiculous.

I am now very rarely picking up the knitting needles, although I do have projects in my mind to complete - one being the shawl for wedding. I have decided on Ishbel - not only because of the one comment, but I was leaning that way, almost falling over it actually. :-)

But what is funny now is how I am seeing crocheted items everywhere - on tv, on other people, in magazines ....... blankets, vests, beanies ..... seems the world has gone crochet mad too

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope we survive as there is another doctor's appointment on Monday. But with temperatures suppose to be in 30 celsius and clear skys, it will be great

Bye for now

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