Saturday, 5 September 2009

Shawl query

Hi everyone
If anyone is reading this blog I would love some help from you. I am notoriuously bad at making up my mind for gifts and this one is for me!! So that makes it worse.

My DD3 is getting married next May. I do have to make crocheted bolero's for her flower girls, but ..... I was thinking (and yes that is dangerous :-)

What about a shawl for me????? I am able to knit patterns and use to make lacy garments for babies, but I would like something very simple, but very simple for me to wear. I am thinking triangular and in a silvery colour. Tossing up about whether to use fingering yarn as I think I would prefer something a little thicker to knit/crochet with. Ishbel I find beautiful but not to sure I have the patience and the time to make it.

So please .... please ..... any hints, ideas etc
Thanks and bye for now

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  1. I'd support Ishbel. I'm not a fantastic lace knitter, but I did the small Ishbel in a week and the large in a fortnight. The lace pattern is very simple and quick to pick up. The Damson is also very very simple and pretty!