Friday, 25 September 2009


Hi everyone
Thought I would let you know a bit about me - colourwise I like deep reds, greens & turquoise. This is my bag which I love, love, love - would like it a tiny bit wider as I need to fit reading glasses into it now :-(. My DH bought it for me for my birthday last year at St Kilda Markets I even found a purse that matches the red leather when I got home, might show that another time.

And I wear either black or dark brown shoes, always have, except for wedding shoes, which I chose cream. And now in my old age (48 OMG) I am craving colour and getting a tiny bit adventourous. I bought 'Orange" shoes. Well I think it is orange, my DD3 calls it tan.

And I have been working on my Hex Blanket and have decided it is time to start the border. Wow it is heavy and very warm!!! Not a good time of year to be working on it.
Their is a big group of family plus others who are going to the Hunter Valley for the weekend to post-celebrate DD2's birthday which she shares with DD1.
So lots of wine-tasting, laughing, talking and food. Photos next week. Let's hope another dust storm does not come through on the weekend.
Bye for now

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  1. Hope you have a fun weekend , happy birthday to both the little ones !