Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hex Blanket

Hi everyone
Well although we have been at home all week with DH, I could not get to the computer to "talk" :-). But I did put the time to good use by joining my Hex's. Here is a small glimpse of what is to come. Although I originally did want 'in your face loud' colours, I am loving the slightly muted shadings in the colours I chose. After seeing the elderly patients in the hospital I really felt the need to assist in some small way and I am NOT a hospital or nursing type of person. Then I remembered "Slippers with Soul" via K4C- KAL (knit-along) Yahoo group (which is connected to K4C). Exactly what I wanted to assist with (DH's feet were also cold in the hospital). Mind you the family LOVE them and I am getting requests to make them some too!!!! They will have to wait a little while though and get in the queue :-)

And yes DH is dealing with the 'C' word and we have just found out that 'C' therapy will be starting in 2 weeks. So my blogging will be more erratic than it already is.

One good thing is that doctor's surgeries are great places to create little projects

Bye for now

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