Sunday, 16 February 2014

My patterns

Not too sure if anyone is stilling dropping in around here :-) - me included  :-(
Time is just flying by
And I now find it difficult to write a post
The ones in my head are great
But then when I go to write, I feel that its not worthwhile typing   :-(
I just noticed that my Southern Star pattern has 98 projects from Ravellers!!!!
and Aussie Swing is at 42!!!!
Both patterns have links in my sidebar, if your interested
Just thought I had to say something
So donations are being made to Knit 4 Charities on a regular basis with sales of Aussie Swing
I am so chuffed


  1. Hey, I'm still here Maria. Your blog is on my 'list' on my sidebar so every time you post it goes to the top. I'm a bit like you lately and have only been posting every few weeks or so. Congrats on the success of your lovely patterns. I've wondered how the Aussie Swing would go in either garter or stocking stitch instead of the feather & fan ?? I enjoyed making the original but would like to try maybe a garter st version. Have you tried that at all?

  2. Hi Dorothy. Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is still well with you
    I, too read your posts in my sidebar, but being so short of time lately I regretfully don't leave comments

    As for Aussie Swing, if you have a look at my projects you will notice that there are a fe I have made that are in stocking stitch with a garter ridge. I use that for newborn baby boys. I like to do the garter ridge (as in original pattern, just minus the lace) as I keep count of my repeats that way

  3. You are on my reading list Maria, so when you post, I get it straight away! So yes I'm still here Lol

  4. Congrats on your patterns, it's very exciting :)

  5. I'm here too Maria but don't really post, I like to lurk. Oh I have just started my first Aussie Swing tonight, love the easy to follow pattern, will put a piccie up tomorrow when I get home from work, yarnie hugs, Kerry

  6. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am a bit like you, writing great posts in my head.

    Congratulations on your patterns, you should be very proud of your sales,
    Best wishes

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