Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Vintage Baby Knits


So for the first time in a very long time, I am writing a post because .......

I have an urge to share my latest addiction with you!!!!

Vintage Baby Patterns

You would be amazed, when you look closely and search how "New" some of these patterns are.  Top-down, In-The-Round are all terms I thought were fairly recent - 10 years of so.  I love what I have found and then made in current yarns.

So I will share one with you

Its from Patons R26 Patons - Favourite Designs For Babies Reprinted
The pattern I first tried is called 'Cary'
It's top-down and the only seam is the sleeves.
But you can easily make it seamless
Here is my first attempt back in June 2012 and I was stash busting, hence the colour change

My second attempt was also in June 2012.  This time I used 5ply yarn and relevant needles to make it larger.  I also omitted the sleeves, as it was more for Spring/Summer

And my latest attempt..... well I decided to stick with the original design.  Except I didn't embroider the flowers ( I still need to fine tune my embroidery on knits)

I was really pleased with it :-)
How different has each project turned out
Amazing what different yarns, colours and a slight twist can do to a pattern
And all yarn used is from Bendigo Woollen Mills
The first and last one is 4ply Luxury and the second one is 5ply Classic
I will probably pop in from time to time to share more of my vintage projects
Bye for now



  1. I love all three, especially the first as I love blue.

  2. All lovely Maria. I might have to keep an eye open for that pattern so I can make your second version. My youngest DD (married 6 years) is expecting their first baby on 3 December. Yay .. a nanna for the second time. My first was a boy and he's now 11 yrs old - seems kids that age nowadays don't wear hand made garments !!! :(

  3. Hello Maria... lovely patterns,, I see so many of them at the op shop... a must have :)) Your knitting is tops and I agree each colour looks so different :))
    hugs pat ..

  4. They are all so lovely! What do they say, 'everything old is new again'! lol. I know someone who was knitting a vintage twinset from the looked quite complicated and used very fine yarn.

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments
    Wonderful and exciting news Dorothy
    Maria - I don't think I would attempt an adult vintage pattern. Too much work for me :-)

  6. Lovely Maria, i like the cream, the little flowers are so cute, Jane