Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Knit4Charities COTM

For February I chose to donate to Wallsend Aged Care Facility
Here is what I have sent
2012 Feb Wallsend Aged Care Facility
25cm squares to be made by the coordinator into blankets
(Used up all the bits and pieces of yarn I had laying around)
and can you guess what the little things beside it are???
Dzonba Fantasia Slippers
Yep, they are these very cool slippers/socks
I was dubious about the pattern, but decided to give it ago, as I was sure there was some charity that could use them
And I have fallen in love with them
Very simple pattern
And on only 2 needles – except for the bind off (which is so easy)
I did a 3-needle and stretchy bind-off
Think I found out what all the hulla-ballo is in blogland about hand-made socks
Totally surprised me
Need a pair for ME!!!!!!

And yes I have knitted a pair of socks with DPN’s
But with 8ply/dk yarn and totally hated them
Did not fit properly and I hated the feel
Yep, that’s right – cheap acrylic yarn

P.S – one of the other charities for February is C.A.R.S. (Chris' Animal Rescue Support)., Dorothy of Hooks ‘n’ Grannies, is the coordinator for this one
If you read Dorothy’s blog, you will know how important something like this charity is
So I just will have to send something for this one too – very soon


  1. It is a great way to use up those small balls of yarn..
    I agree dpns are a pain to use, but crochet socks are pretty neat to make :))
    have a great day :))

  2. Interesting socks Maria - and being on 2 needles make them more interesting. Thanks for the CARS mention. I don't think I've blogged about it so I might have to do that soon. My craft room is starting to fill up with blankets, dog coats and toys - so nice that K4C members are supporting this so enthusiastically.

  3. A very interesting sock pattern!

  4. glad you're back Maria.
    love the slippers. Were they difficult to make, I wouldn't mind a pair of those.

  5. Hi Maria
    The socks look great (I must admit, my first guess was little hats)

    Two needls might even make them achievable for me. I love the feel of knitted socks.