Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi everyone

While browsing through blogs yesterday, Lady Helsie's Happenings was doing house-cleaning, dusting etc and decided to show us her teapot collection.  I loved her frog and her nudie one.

Well I was having a bit of a think last night and decided to show you my teapots.  Nothing compared to Helen's, but I thought it would be fun

The flowered ceramic one I bought a Christmas because I love the colours and pattern.  Does it remind anyone else of African Flowers?
The metal one was a christmas gift from my daughters a few years ago.

Anyone else willing to share their teapots?


  1. Mine is a boring chain store aluminium one but it does the job! I'm off to have a cuppa now!

  2. Yes it does look like those African flowers and is very pretty.
    PS loved the beanie too. Clever you!

  3. I would but I don't own one! Yes that is right the only Tea drinker here is the hubby and he is to impatient for it to brew. So Liptons is the tea here.

  4. OK I willl show you mine in the next post, I have to give it a good scrub first !
    Louise x