Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pumpkin, Teapots, Weekend

Hi everyone

Pumpkin Fruit Cake
For those who asked so nicely for a slice of cake - Sorry!!!!
The cake barely lasted a day!!!!
And that was not me and hubby pigging out!!!!
Daughters dropped in and insisted on taking some for their morning tea.
So this is definitely a keeper recipe

Forgot to mention in the post
I did think some may not have teapots,
so how about your coffeepots
or even your favourite mug/cup

Long weekend in Australia - well in our part anyway!!!!
Queens Birthday Long Weekend
The start of the ski season down south

Hubby and I are having a extra long, long weekend
And getting a way for a few days
And yes its south
But not to the ski-fields

So I will catch back up with everyone about the middle of next week

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend


  1. Enjoy your time away - we are going up the mountains where it will be coooold but quiet!

  2. I seem to have missed a couple of posts so I've just been catching up. Hope you have a great long weekend
    Louise x

  3. By the time you read this you long long weekend will be over. I must post a photo of my favourite mug. (and that will not be a photo of the hubby). LOL

  4. Hi Maria, I visited your blog and I have seen your work and photos of Australia, and I like a lot, has long wanted to contact someone from there, is a country that I've always liked to know.
    And I wanted to tell you the recipe for pumpkin pie have to be very good.
    I follow your blog, until soon you have a blessed week