Friday, 18 June 2010


Just a couple of photos of a few of the birds we saw and heard down on the farm.
Morning was always wonderful with lots of bird music
They were unusually very considerate
As the sun was well and truly up before the carrolling began

Most were quick and just the flash of colour and the whirr of wings were to be seen and heard.
So I didn't get photos of Blue Wrens (love them, so sweet, we used to have lots of them visit at our old home and I do miss them), Currawongs, Crows, Lorikeets, Rosellas, White Cockatoos
that's only a list of those I can name and remember

Others were so tiny and so well camoflauged that the photos just do not show them - unless you have super detective eyes and can blow up photos and know what you are looking for.

And I know that there are 20 - 30 finch type birds in this photo and I can only see one and I know where to look!!!!

Ok I know its difficult - supremely so
So I zoomed the photo and marked those I could see
There were more though still hidden
And the big square has 3 birds in it!!!!

A pair of Black cockatoos
These birds have a distinctive call
and they are HUGE (wing span 60-69cm/24-28in)
much bigger than the Yellow Crested Cockatoo
I think their nest is here as they are usually in hollow logs

White Wagtail who we have always called Willy Wagtails

As for animals
Well, unusual in that we did not see any Kangaroos or Wallabies
I did get to see a VERY, VERY, LARGE wombat
But he was dead
Thought I would spare you the photo  - VBG!!!!!


  1. What a shame about the wombat. I love them but so many of them get hit by cars.

  2. Those finches really ARE camoflaged aren't they in the grass. I find it really interesting reading about the birds other people see in their gardens, etc around the world. The only way you'd see a cockatiel or similar in a garden would be an escaped pet!!! Not a common bird in this neck of the woods!

    Ruth xx

  3. Looking at the picture without the squares, I could only find one. Amazing camouflage!