Friday, 25 June 2010

Forbear Friday

Saw this title on another blog while surfing (sorry can't remember exactly where) and thought it was an idea for me to use.

I have been researching my genealogy / family history for about 13 years. Some I know a lot about, and others barely the basics.

I was lucky enough to make contact with a person who had researched one of my lines fairly well and she had contact with family who had photos and paintings of various family members - this is one of them

This photo is of my great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Nora COLLINS, with two of her children. The children have not been identified positively. As per all good Irish families, children were very close in age and there were 7 in total. It is believed that the photo is around the late 1850's. This still gives us a few choices as to which children they are. Is it a little boy or little girl on her lap???. Remember the times and clothing around then ☺

Mary Ann Nora COLLINS nee FOLEY was born in Moyasta, Clare, Ireland abt 1826. She married Michael Martin COLLINS in 1845 in Carrigaholt, Clare, Ireland. Mary died in 1915 in Delegate, VIC, Australia.

Both the COLLINS and FOLEY families immigrated to Australia in 1855 and settled in the region called "Monaro". Monaro is down south between Canberrra and just over the Victorian border. They settled a bit inland, round the Currawong area (yes, we have a native bird of that name too).

Now what I find interesting is that my Dad used to always comment that the family had Spanish connections. I was finally given a clue as to where this story came from, cause I could find no connection anywhere to Spain.

The story I was told was that Mary Ann would sit on the verandah in her rocking chair and sing songs to the children. Many of these songs were Spanish!!!!!!

Now to wonder where she learnt them - Spanish Armada connection????? She certainly seems to have the look

Hope I didn't bore you to much, but I just may make another family connection if I write about them

Have a great weekend


  1. I've just begun the journey of tracing my maternal ancestors. My uncle has already done my dad's side of the family. I'm torn between talking to my mother (an only child) to see what info (certificates, photos, etc) she has, or doing it alone and surprising her!

  2. I am so impressed with what you have found out about your ancestors and to have photos too, it must be very exciting! I would love to learn more about my family!

  3. You surfing, not you my friend. I see you popping up all over the place. Never anything but a kind word, with a smile I can see on my screen. You are such a sweetie to visit us all. You are welcome for a "Tail" or two on my deck any time. That's what we call grabbing a cocktail, beer or wine around my neck of the woods.

    You have done a great job researching your family. Keep it up and keep us posted. Great pictures.

    Off to watch some T.V. with Scooter..he needs his five minutes of my time tonight...te-he...


  4. I love researching family history - I have managed to go back to the 1600's with my family - it looks as if my roots started in Wales and Poland. I LOVE looking at old photos too and this one is wonderful! You're right too - she certainly does look kind of Spanish looking doesn't she?

  5. Certainly very interesting Maria. Research pays off! Great to find out about families.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  6. Fascinating research Maria, she looks a bit Spanish doesn't she. It looks like a whole new avenue of research will open up now !
    Louise x