Thursday, 22 April 2010

Late night happenings .....

About 2am this morning I woke up with thoughts of those perfectly blocked corner granny squares that you see everywhere on Flickr and Blogland - just the corner though, not the whole square.
It was an off-white colour.
Now why would that wake me up??????

Am I weird or what?????

So for the next hour I tossed and I turned and I tossed and I turned.
Then I started worrying about waking hubby up :-(

Then I gave up .......

Went out to the lounge room

And started finishing off a project that I have been working on - sssshhhhhh, secret.
Although I did give you this glimpse, way back when

So after an hour and a half, I realised that my eyes were not focussing properly

So went back to bed

Tossed and turned for about 15 minutes

And slept in this morning

Lucky it does not matter what time I get up


  1. So what is it about perfect white corners?

  2. Bless you Maria! fancy dreaming about blocked corners - the heat must be getting to you!!! Looking forward to seeing the secret project that you have been doing the 'night work' for! **Kim**X

  3. Maria; how could you toss and turn about knitting! Wish that is why I toss and turn....
    I agree with Lynne; where are these mysterious blocked corners?