Friday, 19 March 2010

Lady Helsie's Challenge

Hi everyone
And especially to Helsie - look you have your own title in my blog ☺And to anyone that has not met Helsie, pop on over and have a look.  She is a very lovely Lady!!!!

Now Helsie found herself a bit stumped for a blog posting yesterday and stumbled upon an idea of the 4th picture in your folder.
As I was not too sure what to write today I thought I would have a look-see at what my photo was ......
Nothing like many of you would expect, but here it is

It was also the fourth photo in the fourth folder in the fourth folder of my pictures - I like to organise these particular photos

Mary Ann BOWERMAN nee Partridge 1797-1877
Daughter of First Fleeters, Richard Partridge & Mary Greenwood
Married George BOWERMAN, another convict, who may have been erronously hung for a crime in 1820, 10 years after he arrived in Australia
This is hubby's direct line.  He has links to the start of white (and black) men in Australia.
The black comes from 2 convicts, both First Fleeters, one who was an American Negro and the other from West Indies.

Now I bet you would never have thought that you would see that kind of photo here VBG

Now back to our normal channel ☺

Now I know you have seen the Colineet before, but what about the BWM Luxury Ruby?  Wonder what it could be turning into????????

And lucky me, after searching for ages online and in bookshops, I finally came across this last week.  And I got it for a great price!!!!

Bye for now
and have a great weekend
I will be at the cricket ALL weekend for hubby's Grand Finals - go Toukley 4th Grade!!!!!!!

PS - Thanks Karin for the hello for Percy, he says hi back

BTW - forgot to mention how warm it has been here over the past week 28-32C/82-90
Blankets are off at night, but sheet is definitely on - it does get a little cool ☺


  1. Thanks for joining in the challenge and what a terrific picture. I have only recently discovered two convict ancestors. Isn't it interesting to find out about ancestors? I didn't know we had any negro convicts either. blogland is truely full of information isn't it?
    Love the colours of your new project - really vibrant1 You'll be wowing everyone wuith all the new patterns you'll be churning out. I guess Sue's blankets will be getting all sorts of new squares. I'm amazed at the variety of patterns that are arriving at her place.
    Good luck at the cricket

  2. The picture challenge has proved very interesting hasn't it? Good luck and enjoy the Cricket sorry its still so warm- still cant quite imagine it! Have a great weekend **Kim**x

  3. Interesting family history - good luck to Mary's descendent in his cricket final!

  4. Family history is always so interesting, the photos make it come alive don't they
    have a nice weekend
    Louise x

  5. It must be fascinating to trace your family back. I particularly love all the old photographs.
    Have a good 'crocheting/cricketing weekend' Maria!
    Hugs and Love Suex

  6. Thank you so much for your comment you posted on my blog... it made me feel better, as I had suspected that maybe different yarns would work up in squares differently! I have seen so many bloggers talk about that Jan Eaton book... can you share with me where you found it?