Friday, 30 April 2010

Hi there

  • Just a quick update that I am still around.
  • A couple more boxes have been unpacked and distributed to their new homes.
  • D3 has set small tasks for me to do, no rush - only 7 days to the wedding!!!!
  • I have been crocheting, just no photos as they are gifts.  So you will have to wait till they get gifted
  • So I have had a little time to browse and read and hopefully comments have got through.
So yesterday I sat outside and enjoyed my small spot of this

Lucky I did as today its slightly overcast, maybe we will finally get some rain.  Did you know that most of Australia has been on some sort of water rations for at least 10 years!!!!  e.g. only able to water plants for one hour at a set time, not being able to use hoses etc.

And my fingers have been itching to do a little of this

Just to keep in practise.  I made sure the project was small - a beanie for one of the charities

Have a wonderful weekend everyone


  1. Will gladly send you rain, we have had so much, the ground is saturated and every time it rains now it just runs off. We have had at least some blue sky for a week now yippee, that is a first in I don't know how many months. Having said that we will probably have no rain for the next 6 months. Then I will be cursing.

  2. Do you miss the view from higher up?

  3. WOW... Some how I missed that you were moving. Glad things are getting back to normal for you and you are settling in. Can't wait to see more of what you have been working on. Give us a tour of your new area...please, pretty, please.

    Time for Bed,

  4. Sending you some rain from Qld. Not long now until the wedding. Anxiously awaiting photos of the gorgeous shrugs/ponchos for the flowergirls.
    Enjoy your knitting.

  5. hoping for rain for you. i live in florida and we are always on water restriction here and if you get caught watering on the day your not suppose to they will fine you $50, and yes there is actually someone that drives around we always welcome the rain here.

  6. Yes we've had some rain, thunder and lightning last night. Will gladly send you some.
    love the colour of the wool.
    Hugs Suex
    Good weekend to you.

  7. I'll send you a bucket of rain - we have loads!! It must be frustrating for you though no wonder you long for some rain. Only 7 days till the wedding - how exciting you want the rain to hold off until after that! Love the knitting its nice to switch crafts occasionally isn't it! **Kim**x