Tuesday, 20 April 2010

SIBOL & Hen's

Hi everyone

Oh, oh, oh did anyone else notice that Sue did a write-up for SIBOL here?
Go Team SIBOL!!!!!!!
I think it is going to go viral!!!!!

Now for my weekend

First off I had a small dilemma!  The requirement to attend the Hen's Day was that
You need to wear BLACK - tick
Be in a PARTY mood - tick
and you need to accessorise with PINK - oh no, my problem

It's not that I don't like the colour pink,  I just don't like wearing it.
So I went looking for Fascinators - I am too old for them to look decent on me
Hats - nobody had anything decent that was not going to cost me a fortune
Cheap jewellery - what is it, pink is not in fashion any more!!!!

So I gave up and came home and tried to wrack my brain - I know, poor brain trying to think that hard.  But I was desperate!!!

Maybe I could make my own jewellery, so on to Ravellery.  Boy I am being fussy, I just hate fashion jewellery, give me the old classy real stuff

Then I spotted this -

Perfect, it can carry all the necessary bits and pieces that I need when I am in a crowded area.
And supposedly my winnings - well I found 5 cents before getting to the races and that is all that came home in my "winning purse"  :-(

Did I mention how warm it was on Saturday, actually still is very warm still.  It was so warm, that most of us got a touch of sun tan!!  I packed the Panadol for headaches and Band-Aids for blistered feet, but never once thought about sunscreen  ☺

The girls wanted to sit on the grassy area near the finish line, so this was my view of the jockeys and their horses

Can you see them?
Maybe here .....

Nope, being a shorty I did not get to see the finish line with every one standing up either  ☺ 
Did get to see the horses in the parade ground though

See ya!


  1. Despite not being able to see, I hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Good solution to your pink problem!

  2. Can't believe it is so hot still. I was hoping to come home to some cool weather. That is if we can get home in 10 days with this volcanic ash problem. It would be awful to be stuck here longer - not! ( except for the cost !!)
    It has warmed up a lot here too much to my disappointment.

  3. Hope you have fund despite not being able to see!!! such fun though! x