Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter's very, very, very long and busy weekend

Hi everyone
Still here, but you may have wondered where I have been.  Well since we had a very, very, long weekend here in Australia (Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon) events were planned before we move next weekend.

Hubby's family have lunch together on Good Friday, so nearly all day was spent there.  Fairly crowded with great-great-grandparents and aunts, great-grandparents, grandparents, children and grandchildren in multiples.

Then D3 & D2 and their partners decided they would like to have dinner with us.  So we left hubby's gathering so I could get a meal together for my lot.  Baked chicken pieces with veggie trimmings ... mmmm

Saturday, we were here (sorry, not a good photo using my phone)

At the Rosehill Races for the big Autumn Carnival Race, the Golden Slipper.  A VERY BIG day and very, very, very crowded day too.  Unfortunately, no big winners were found by the group we were with .....

Sunday we walked to the next suburb and had a relaxed breakfast with D2 & her partner and then walked home.  My poor legs were so tired.

Then Monday, we decided to go the Sydney Royal Easter Show which is run by the Royal Agriculural Society.  A chance for the country folks to show off to the city folks, and for the city folks to learn about country.  And of course all the gimmicks that go along with that.

In 1822 the Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) was formed by a group of Sydney's leading citizens with the aim of "furthering the quality of Australia's primary production by means of contests and competitions".  More can be learnt here if your interested.

So I checked out the Food Pavilion as I love the display.  Here is the one that won overall

And the one that won first for display

Then we were off the check out the craft - hubby to wood, photography and paintings, me to crochet, stiching and anything else that caught my fancy

The Winners!!!!

and this amazing find in the timber section - wink, wink, nudge, nudge dear hubby of mine

Don't you want one too????

Spinning alpaca with four different spinning wheels

Then we were off to hubby's favourite event - Woodchopping!!!!!
It is fairly BIG event with attendees from all over Australia and the world - New Zealand, Canada, USA & Ireland were spotted while sitting watching

Was planning on showing you some of the animals too, but so wearied from this and remembering the long day and very, very, very, very sore feet and calves (ooowww)- it will have to do

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!!!


  1. Ooo. A very busy weekend. Thanks for sharing it with us. Time to put your feet up and do some crochet!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Easter to me. Family Easters are what it is all about don;t you think?

    You have to tell us more about this move you are making--- or have I missed something. Are you going far? Back to a house? A townhouse with a bit of garden? Moving is such a big deal. We moved 4 years ago after living on acreage for 16 years and it was very traumatic. It took me a whole year to stop crying I think !!!! Don't want to do it again for a long time

  3. Wow, great to read about your Easter adventures.
    Now you need a little bit of relaxing. Lynne gave you a good advice: do some crochet ☺

    Have a nice day!

    ~X~ Karin

  4. Maria
    You've had a fun packed weekend!
    Gosh, you've crammed a lot in!
    I've always wanted to have a go at spinning. Looks so....relaxing!
    Move? Please tell us more, and photos please!
    Love Suex

  5. WOW......waht a fun day. I want those hooks so bad.....

    Just look at all I've missed here. So glad to be back home.

    Just trying to catch up on all. So much reading to do today.

    Kate - The Garden Bell.

    P.S. Did you miss me?...he-he..

  6. I am glad you had a great weekend. I am so sad. Rosehill then the Show :(
    I want to come back to Sydney....... NOW.......

    Oh well, suppose I will have to look for those adventures in QLD.....

  7. I love seeing how people spend their holiday weekendin different places. My feet are coming out in sympathy with all that walking!
    love Louise xx

  8. Looks and sounds like an amazing weekend. Those hooks sure do look gorgeous. I hope you did get a chance to put your feet up and do a bit of hooking yourself after all that. X

  9. Hi Maria, I am tired just reading about your weekend sounds as if you need another one to relax, but you are moving - you must tell us - gosh you will be REALLY tired then!! Take care **Kim**x

  10. All those different crafts look fascinating. I'd love a closer look! And the food displays - WOW! Great set of crochet hooks too! Sounds like a busy but fun day you had!