Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bits n Pieces

Good morning everyone

I finished this last week, just never got around to posting about it.  So to prove I did two and did not just use one photo here is both the flowergirls capes

Now which one do you think is the original??????

And this guy turned up a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to introduce him.
Say hello to Percy!!!

What a cutie!!!

I do love penguins, especially fairy penguins.  So I just had to do him when I noticed him here.
Down Cloverlaine does some very lovely work.  I find the patterns very simple and easy to do.

And an update on the weekend - 2 days at cricket.  Fairly cool and very windy with some rain on Saturday, but fine weather on Sunday with a little wind.  The end result came down to a bit of a nail-biter, so only a little bit of crochet was accomplished, otherwise I would have been frogging  ☺
But hubby's team won, almost down to the wire.  So next weekend will be more of the same.
So now I need to find a very, very, very simple project to work on to keep my fingers busy, otherwise I will start pacing ☺

Bye for now


  1. Oh Maria the flower girl capes are just gorgeous!!!

  2. The capes look great! I am sure the flowergirls will look adorable.

  3. Oh they are so pretty Maria. I love your percy dishcloth too, might have to knit one of those up for a pressie I think!

  4. Congratulations to hubby's team. Garter stitch squares for next weekend?

    The penguin dishcloth is very cute.

  5. The capes are adorable and I love the penguin. Guess what I will be doing tonight? :)

  6. Hi Maria, the flower girl capes are so pretty - very well done to you, you done a great job and I have no idea which is the original! Dishcloth realy nice too - cute penguin! **Kim**x

  7. Maria,
    Sorry I'm late getting round to you.
    Blog trouble yesterday.
    All sorted hopefully.
    Your capes are wonderful. No I dont know either which is the original. Both looking perfect, I do hope they keep them.
    Cutey penguin too. Watching a programme on Penguins the other night, I just love them.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  8. Hello Percy, how are you? ☺