Friday, 12 March 2010

Aussie Maria's Australia

Hi everyone

First off - on the right hand side of my blog you will see a wonderful project link that Mrs Twins has started.  I showed you my squares here.  If your on Flickr, look up Mrs Twins and you can see the blankets she has already put together.  Four of my squares are in the third blanket which has been christened "Alice in Sunshineland", so named for Mrs Twins mother whose favourite colours were purple and green.  One of the participants created the link - Molly is wonderful!  And Karin aan de haak had an idea, which has started a challenge.    The group is very friendly and it is not even a week old, but is snowballing very, very fast.

BTW - SIBOL is an acronymn for "Sunshine International Blankets of Love" cause they are full of sunshiney colour, the squares have come from around the world, and the blankets are made with love for the elderly.

So if anyone is interested in crocheting 6" sqares for the elderly, please click and join in.

Now back to Australia 

I noticed a advertisement in the Adsense on the right hand side of my blog and I thought that is what I should show you.

Now I have shown you this photo before, not a good one, as its just on nightfall and it was very humid and overcast

I went digging in my photo archives.  You know the old-fashioned ones where you can hold it in your hand, on photo paper and .......
Way, way back in Ancient History ...............

alright then not that far back, only 9 years ago actually my photo of the Bridge (otherwise known as Sydney Harbour Bridge).
It was about this time of year that

I had views of this .....

Yep, thats me n hubby way back when.
We are on the western side of the bridge and behind us is the southern part of the city.

Things you might like to know -

  • Very fasionable suits - one size fits most

  • We are all hooked together

  • You need to have a chainy thing around glasses.

  • And on that day we all needed sunglasses!!!!

  • You are given a brief history of Sydney and the Bridge

  • Can't take camera's in case they are dropped.  They do take photos as souvenirs for yourself and your group.

  • You get a certificate at the end to commemorate your achievement

  • Traffic below - cars, buses, trains and boats

  • You start the on the eastern side, cross to the western side in the middle, then back down the western side.

  • IT IS STEEP, fitness is an issue (which I had, but I scrambled up)

  • And the walk is timed, not leisurely.  You do get to stop at certain points for explainations - I used that time too get my breath back.  VERY HARD WORK for me!!!!!

  • You are 134 metres (146 1/2 yards) above Sydney Harbour

  • We had views from the Pacific Ocean to the Blue Mountains.

  • The tour we went on lasted 3 1/2 hours

  • It was a BLAST !!!

If you get to come to Sydney, you really should put it on your "must-do" or Bucket List.

We did the climb with D2 & D3 and their respective boyfriends.  D1 and her now hubby had already done the climb a little earlier in the year.

And as a footnote, we are finally back to slightly cooler weather.  Luckily we did not cop the rain or storms that QLD & VIC have.  Hope your all 'high n dry' there.

Have a great weekend

Bye for now


  1. What a wonderful photo of you both Maria.Really nice. Now I can see your face at last! Beautiful view.
    That was a really smashing write up. I am so pleased you are contributing to the new blog. Kate seems as though shes going to post now. One thing I have to learn. Have to ask I'm afraid. How do you link to another page?
    'I showed you my Squares here!'. ?
    I'd love to know how you do it.
    Molly has just shown me how to add the button. Good girl isn't she?
    I need more help please.
    I'm sitting on the floor crocheting away its only nearly 12.30! Do a bit more.
    Nitey nite and thanks!!

  2. Way to go Maria. It is on my bucket list. As my son lives in Sydney and we visit a couple of times a year for the day, I'm sure we will get to do it. He has and he really enjoyed it too.

  3. Now I prefer seeing Sydney from the bottom of the Bridge... LOL.... Vertigo....
    I love it when you post memories of my Sydney. I wonder whether you could see me in them Blue Mountains, well at the bottom of them anyway. Lovely photos.

  4. Wow, RESPECT!
    Great picture, nice to see you :)

    Have a great weekend too.

    ~X~ Karin

  5. To misquote Rudyard Kipling: "you're a better (wo)man than me, Gunga Din!" (scared of heights but love to fly!!)

  6. Wow Maria that's a brilliant picture - I am just trying to catch up with everyone! Lovely to see you at last!!! Take care **Kim**x