Friday, 22 January 2010

Books & Slippers

Hi everyone

Sorry, no show on the "WARNING" project.  Things have slowed down a bit and with the weather being so warm (high 30's/high 90's) and humidity being about 90% or so, its way too sticky to deal with - even with wool.

A few of you were lucky enough to pick up some books for Christmas, either as gifts or just because you deserve it - of course  (HUGE grin).  There were a few I was very interested in but had only seen online.  Now with books and yarn, I am the sort of person who needs to touch, look, feel, read a bit etc - I'm sure you have the idea.

So I went to our 2 local bookstores, 1 of which is an international store, and looked and looked and asked - but no, nothing what I was really after, some vague may-be's if I have-to, but nothing that said "take me home now, I'm what you need".  So I very disappointedly gave-up and resigned myself to buying online with looking - very, very, sad face.

I decided to wander into my LYS/LCS, Hornsby Wool & Craft Nook.  The shop is small and caters for most craft, so there is only a little bit of everything.  They had about 20 books for various crafts and I spotted it!!!!!!!

Something I had been eyeing off online out of curiosity

Something that teased my interest - longing to look inside

So I grabbed it (just in case someone else might want it)

Flipped a couple of pages

And yes, it had enough in there that I was looking for

I was interested in the fact that there were different shapes for motifs, not just squares.  So you will see something during the year of these motifs.

And then just after Xmas, they had stalls in the mall, one of which had calenders etc, which was fund-raising for the local hospital.  Now I had been keeping an eye-out for a particular one.

And look what I spotted, and it was only $10.00  - Woo Hoo

Mixed patterns, some I don't think I will ever get around too - but you just never know  :-)

I have been Knitting too,   :-)
Making more of these

More Slippers With Soul!!!!!
I made and sent 8 pairs last year and I wish to at least equal this, preferably increase it.  This is with Knit 4 Charities group, which are planning on sending 500 pairs for Nursing Homes, Hospitals for elderly etc.  They are only about 100 pairs short so far.  I am rewarding myself - I can't do personal crochet projects until I completed 1 pair and then I can work a little on "my" projects.  So far I have made 4 pairs - so half way.

Hope you have a great weekend planned


  1. Love your bargains. Good things come to those that wait.

    Love the slipper colours.

  2. Hi Maria, I love the slippers, what a nice thing to do - did the charity send you the pattern or did you just decide? Your books are great too, I love books very much. ** Kim x

  3. Those slips Rock... Love the colors. I have that first motif book. Let us know which one's you like. I tried a few, but gave up. Love the cover to look at. Make a nice coffee table book for me... he-he....

    Have a great weekend.
    Kate-The Garden Bell....xoxoxoox

  4. Hi Maria,
    Hope you are okay.
    Your slippers are fantastic. They are on my to do list! I've seen so many slippers on the net.
    That book looks really interesting too. Yes, I agree its nice to see different shapes apart from the usual squares.
    Have a nice weekend,
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  5. Hi Maria,
    The crochet books look like they have some wonderful patterns in them. Slippers are great too - I wish I could knit like that.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Yay! Good books, lovely slippers.

  7. Hi Maria!

    Thank your for your comment!
    I love the book about the motifs. You are a lucky girl!
    I don't know if you're looking for the yarn I use.... if so, for name and numbers: please visit:

    Hope you are ok in the heat?!?

    ~X~ Karin

  8. Hey Maria, Snazzy slippers!

    Don't you just love Hornsby wool the girls are always so heplful.I am hoping to pop into Morris & sons tomorrow. Hope you enjoy Australia Day!