Monday, 18 January 2010

Don't think I will make it to 2011

Hi everyone
Many thanks for all your kind thoughts and comments.  I feel very embarrased as I wrote the last bit without thought, just merrily typing away as my thoughts went zooming with mental notes in my head, not thinking that I would get comments about it.  But thank you all so much for the very lovely ones left for me.

Now to my title. 

Ok, Hubby is dealing with a lot at the moment with chemo, then his Nan's funeral within the first few days of this year, having his card skimmed (minor, but very irritating) and then .......

Friday night, about 8.30pm, Hubby gets a phone call from his #2 son to say he is in hospital and that they will be doing an emergency removal of his appendix at 10pm.  Now we both know its not a major operation, but it was an emergency one.  #2 son lives 1-1/2 hours driving from us.  Hubby really wanted to see him before he went under, but there was no way possible to get there in time and by the time he came out of surgery, it would be late (just before 12pm actually) and he would be sleepy.

So I managed to convince him, although relunctantly, to wait until the morning and then we would travel to see him.

Operation went well, as most of them do.  #2 son was home about midday on Sunday and is taking it easy.

But really, if this is what has turned up within the first two weeks of 2010 I "don't think I will make it to 2011"

One day at a time, one day at a time has become my mantra  :-)

Now with all this stress, I have been crocheting and knitting.  And I promise I will show you, but one of the projects is coming along so quickly and I so "love, love, love ...." it (the song has been going round n round in my head, now I need to find out who sings it).  But I have to warn you - BIG WARNING - cause it may damage some people.  Interested yet?????  Well maybe by the end of the week (with a teasing smile)

And now I am getting ready for Australia Day!!!!!!

Attached to my balcony, so flying 10 levels above the ground (and we are on a slight rise) with my make-shift herb garden :-).  BTW the photo is reversed so that you can see the flag correctly.

Bye for now

P.S. - Well done to the Aussie Cricketers winning the Test against Pakistan 3-0


  1. Sorry to hear of all the things going wrong for you at the moment. Perhaps you are getting your whole year's dose in one go and the year will be clear from now on ! You can only hope.
    Wow fancy doing moonlight movies in Broome - very cool and probably quite spectacular too.

  2. Maria!

    My thoughts are with you and I wish I could send you a big bunch of tulips to comfort you...

    ~X~ Karin

  3. Oh Maria, sometimes everything happens at once doesn't it I hope hope #Son is feeling a bit better and your poor husband - you all have a lot to contend with sending you hugs and good wishes across the world! Kim x ps looking forward to seeing what your creation is!

  4. Hi Maria,
    I'm sending my very best wishes to you Maria as well. My thoughts as are everyone elses are with you. Things will be fine, just hold in there. Sorry you've had a bad start to the year. YOu'll be okay, your friends are with you.
    Hugs and Love Suex